Tuesday, January 31, 2012

F1 Car Race Tracks

F1 Tracks are planned to test the skills of the racers as well as the superiority of the cars offered by well-regarded companies like Ferrari, Mac Lauren, and Jaguar. Guidelines of the Federation International de l'Automobile or the FIA are followed for making these tracks. Formula 1 race, also recognized as Grand Prix, is held in enclosed circuits.

Famous Formula 1 Tracks:
Some famous Formula 1 Tracks are Silverstone Circuit, Monaco Grand Prix Circuit, Indianapolis Motor Speedway in addition to Bahrain International Circuit.

Track Parameters:
Length of Formula 1 tracks frequently measures between five to six kilometers. Measurement lengthwise of the Grand Prix circuit is between 200 and 320 km. pointed bends and steep curves are intentionally fashioned on Formula One tracks to check the skills of car drivers who drive their cars at the average speed of 300 plus kilometers per hour.

Challenge to Cars:
Formula One track possesses dangerous challenge for the cars. They insist the check of the skills of the cars and their drivers. Cars must the technically outfitted to negotiate the bends and curves of the track when on high speed. The drivers too have to exhibit their skills of greatest level.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Car shipping services for defense force employees

Military car shipping is the term that is often used for the services provided by the shipping company for armed services or governmental personnel. People in defense forces like army and navy are often subjected to transfers and relocations. Most of the time, the government will take care of their relocating expenses and also make arrangements to send them by plane or by any other military transport services to their new destination.

But still it’s the responsibility of the military families to make sure that their cars arrive at their present destination. The auto shipping companies either ship the vehicle in a trailer or drive their cars to the mentioned destination.

It all depends upon the type of service and the type of auto shipping company that has been chosen by the personnel. At present there are a huge number of auto shipping companies. Choosing the best among them is a bit difficult job but still it can be made easy by comparing several quotes and various services offered by each company.

Some of the services provided by most of the auto shipping companies are enclosed car shipping, open car shipping, door to door auto transport and terminal to terminal car shipping. In enclosed auto transport service the vehicle will be shipped to the destination in an enclosed trailer whereas in an open car shipping service the vehicle will be shipped in an open trailer. When transporting the vehicle in an open trailer it may get subjected dust and several other climatic disasters. But with enclosed trailer the vehicle will be safe enclosed within the trailer.

Next comes the door to door auto transport and terminal to terminal car shipping services. In door to door auto transport the vehicle will be loaded into the truck from your door step and will be unloaded at the doorstep of your new house. Whereas in terminal to terminal car shipping services the car will be shipped from a shipping terminal and will be dispatched in the destination shipping terminal. You will have drop the vehicle in the shipping terminal for shipping and pick up the vehicle from the destination shipping terminal when it has been informed that it has reached the destination shipping terminal.

In door to door auto shipping it is necessary that the owner should be present at home during the time of delivery else it may end up in a shipping terminal. This is all that is required to be known about the services provided by several auto shipping companies.

Certain companies provide special offers for defense force employees as they serve our nation. So it is always better to mention that you are a defense force employee when enquiring about the cost of shipping.

Few other car shipping companies employ special drivers for shipping vehicles owned by governmental personnel. The actual work that is being done by these transporters and the ordinary vehicle transporters are one and the same. However, a profound understanding and respect for military people is typically required here.

There are also shipping companies that provide Car shipping services only for governmental personnel. Often, a military auto transport company will work wholly with several branches of the military or with various military bases.